The social aspect of roleplaying-games. They are a way to gather round with your friends and hang out whilst playing. That is really why you come back to them, for the shared experience of living through a story.

The collaborative aspect. Nobody is a passive consumer of the story everybody contributes. Certain industries appear to have monopolies on stories in our culture, for example big blockbusters from Hollywood. Where is the space for the audience to contribute?

Roleplaying and improvising change how you consume stories. They become grist for the mill rather than being something you just consume.

Can you devise a theatre experience that gives the audience the participation of roleplaying? Heist is a good example of a project like that.

Games like Mafia, Werewolves and Murder Mystery Parties are an introduction to that kind of experience.

Fantasy stories have touchstones that are more generic. Nobody has copywritten Orcs or Elves. Sci-fi tends to be more Franchise based. So is fantasy easier to get into than sci-fi because of this?

Roleplay and immersive theatre allow the participants to embody the story. That is very powerful.

Manufacturing jobs are growing smaller. But the creative and scientific fields have infinite areas of growth.