Tom Brown, 17 January 2017

This was a wide ranging conversation.

We talked about bit about many things.

• The use of computer technology in the creation of sound

• The challenge of keeping up with the rapid speed of change in technology

• Binaural Audio Recording

• VR in theater

• There was some excitement about the use of Agile Project Management

techniques (including scrum) for the creation of theater performances.


The Agile Manifesto in looking at this information anytime you see software or

application or product change the word in your head to show. If you see customer

of product owner change the word to producer or director.

Scrum Software Development

Other memories of this session may come to mind. However, all other attendees are

warmly invited to contribute to a fuller representation of or conversation together.

I'd love to have conversation with folks interested in implementing / adapting agile

process to the creation of Theatrical productions.


Scrum, technology, computers, Binaural Recording, Computers, Agile Project

Management, Technology