Session called by Elspeth Murray and Marit Baarslag

Who came

Anna Crisp
Kath Burlinson
And several others

Elspeth demonstrated the body prayer practice called Capacitar which was distilled by Patricia Cane from mind-body-spirit practices around the world and is used as a trauma and conflict recovery practice. There is a video of Elspeth’s version of these movements with their associated meditations online here, with music by Raghu Dixit. (This shorter version of the practice was also offered as a session on Monday morning.)

Marit led the group in a ‘spirits of the forest’ meditation. This involved sitting and imagining an upwards and downwards connection, opening up and being connected to nature, the source and listening to your inner voice or guide. The practice ended with a strong joined-hands then side-by-side fist and physical arm movement that helps to draw down the energy, feel the strength in the body and then let it go with open palms.

We invited others to share practices that they find useful in feeling grounded. These included the Le Coq arm pendulum movement, the Gecko theatre synchronised clap circle and a paired no-touch honouring practice or aura-bath.

Thank you so much all who came to this session which had, as a soundtrack the gentle lilt of ukuleles nearby playing Alleluia and other beautiful tunes.