Timothy Lenkiewicz, 27 January 2013


I called this session because all the work I have been doing over the last few years

has felt very serious: getting Square Peg, a brand new circus company together and

putting the company on the map. Coaching the acrobats, directing the rehearsals,

producing and production managing the show and the tour creating the sound design

and rigging all the rigging.


Whilst this has all been very rewarding I would now love to collaborate with other

people on other projects that are some how lighter.

Two people attended the discussion as well as my self:

Olya Petrakova and Natalie, who didn't leave her surname, but was very helpful.

The discussion was succinct but useful. The main points that came up were:

• It could be useful to rediscover and reengage with the reasons for wanting to

create in the first place.

• Greenwich Dance Agency does wonderful varied and creative sessions most


• Make the process about the collaborators

• Start amateur; no money;more freedom?

• Do things for their own sake

• Take a sabbatical?

In actual fact, I was hoping to find people with whom to collaborate with, and this didn't

happen during the scheduled discussion itself, but over the course of this weekend I

have met several people interested in different types of collaborations and I'm very

excited to see where these continue.

… and finally

In case you find yourself reading this report and would like to meet collaborators for

what ever you're doing, do get in touch! … and it might be helpful to know something

about what I am interested in and can do.

I am interested in circus, movement, storytelling, dance

I can do: Acrobatics, Juggling, dance, acting (a bit), Directing, Sound Design, Music (I

play guitar and bass guitar), and rigging for circus as well as many other things I can't

quite think of right now, but if you'd like to know more, do get in touch or look at

Square Peg's website if you'd like to know more about that: www.wearesquare.co.uk


circus, projects, collaboration, new ideas, light hearted, acrobatics, sound design, fun,

Collaboration, juggling