David Aula, 31 January 2013

A wonderful illustration of the Ying and Yang nature of Open Space - at the beginning

of the Event Phelim advised us that it IS possible no one will come to you event. And

that if this is the case you are a visionary, a true individual. Well perhaps I am nearly a


I spoke briefly with Ed about the idea of building some work around Christopher

Hitchens - and that what interested me about him was his uncompromising energy and

that although he was controversial - it never seems to me that he courted controversy,

but rather questioned what was at the root of the

‘thing-we-don’t-like-to-talk/think-about“. Ed also mentioned Aaron Schwartz, as a

visionary maverick, also recently died, and that perhaps the project might evolve to be

about these illusive characters.

Ed then obeyed the Law of Two Feet and went to find a more formed up idea to speak

about/listen to.

I spoke briefly with Tim who was rather put of Hitchens as he saw him as a ranter and

full of negativity. I'm interested in this perception of him and I think its why I'm drawn to

him: when he died I knew very little about him other than the idea that he was a

ferocious intellectual and big on ‘winning’ debates. What moved me was how much

gentleness and love I found in his writing when I started delving deeper. It was the

final afterword in his final book, ”Mortality", written by his wife that really wanted me to

do something to engage with his humanity.

Perhaps for now, its best to be an interested reader of his, but I hope one day the

seed of the idea will germinate.

Thanks DandD.


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