Today at the D&D in Northampton, Chiron made himself visible. I guess it was to tell us that we artists are wounded healers. Somehow that’s the way we can bring awareness for humankind.

It happened when I attended a session ‘Can Theatre/Art alter human consciousness? If yes it would be insane to aim for a meta (r)evolution?’

I started to make a doll during our conversation. When I finished sewing his leg I was surprised when I saw my own blood on his leg. I felt when the needle stung my thumb but it has happened several times before so I ignored it.

At this time though it was a bit deeper so there was blood. It was the first time it happened and I have been making dolls for the last seven years.

I was even more surprised by the heart shape of the stain.

I immediately thought about Chiron, the mythological centaur, the wounded healer. He was accidentally wounded and his wound never heals.

I felt his presence was sort of an answer for the session’s question.

I guess we artists, as the other healing vocations, are in touch with our wound and we express it in a way that can remind all of us, in an essencial simple way, what is to be human.

Basically, it hurts to be a human being 💔

The heart shape of the blood stain... I hope we will choose to deal with the pain through love ❤️

Thank you so much Jackson for calling this special session for us ☀️💔❤️⭐️