Can you have a relationship (when you’re an artist?)

Convener(s): Jane Warwick

Participants: Please can you add your name if you were there.

Robert Waters, Catherine Hoffmann, Gillian Russell, Julian Crouch, Gavin O’Carroll

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

We discussed the fact it is difficult to generalise about artists. Every art form is very different and every relationship very different.

We asked questions:

Is it more or less helpful if your partners works in the same field? ie as an artist

Do you need roots as an artist?

Romantic and artistic relationships are very different.

Independence v Intimacy was discussed.

We talked about whether artists are different creatures from those in other professions because of the commitment involved, the potential geographic requirements, the emotional intensity, the relationships created. Maybe not, maybe?

We talked about the problems of identifying an ideal partner, whether you want a muse, someone to support you, someone with a compatible lifestyle.

The discussion was inconclusive. It was decided all relationships were different. That relationships change and the problems would change with time, with marriage, with children or thoughts of children.

Effort is required for every relationship.