Can we tell the truth to children?

Joanne Tremarco, 26 September 2012

Chris, Joanne, Jane, Bruce, Sally, Toby

Telling the truth to children depends on the childs age, culture and the parental consent.

Does this mean that our hands are tied in terms of making honest, open and relaxed work with young folk? Can we respond truthfully to their questions regarding sex, death and spirituality?

The truth is subjective but some children will take what an adult says as the truth… the truth that they must believe. What is posited as The truth in the world is often working towards or supporting a code of conduct for young folk/ society to follow.

Does the moment have it's own truth?

I want to work honestly and intimately with teenagers with regard to these taboo areas of sexuality, death and spirituality. To allow them to express their views and to explore where their mythology and initiatory practices are today. To hear their opinions towards virginity and to al;low them a way of articulating their experiences safely.

I was inspired by Toby's work exploring pornography with teenage boys.


truth, children, taboos