Chris Grady suggested that I look at the "Good News" magazine . Corey said that news items will gradually be replaced by Artificial Intelligence created content so whoever/whatever programmes that will be in control of the output.
Phil told us that local news on BBC Northampton is only 50% of the content and the news only lasts two and half minutes so that local news is only one and a quarter minutes so the station is very selective about what is mentioned. Arts never gets mentioned.
There is a magazine programme every morning (mon to Fri) presented by Bernie Keith and produced by Sarah that always takes theatre news and is very supportive. Carly at the local newspaper is good too. Usually National theatre news is mentioned but not local. Communication is still a problem locally and there is a lot going on but people don't always get to hear about it.

There are 8 theatre groups in Northampton and 6 theatres. So plenty of theatre news that is happening. Even people in the theatre business don't know about it. I object about all the sports news as I'm not interested in sport-especially if it is in the headlines. But some would say that's where the most interest lies.
The show at the Royal and Derngate was fabulous and should be 5 stars but is only getting four star reviews. Why? (perhaps reviewers have a lot to answer for?) There is a debate about excellence versus inclusivity to be had with theatre. Theyz Guyz is a theatre company who will take on anyone who wants to be in the show - a great community commitment.The Mask is a theatre group who do Shakespeare in the park.
Do the media lead the public or can the public lead the media? (into presenting more theatre news?)

Tom says he loves anything that is live. Theatre and Sports are live events. He never goes to cinema. Every night is different with actors behaving differently with different audiences (sports games have different results) Nobody nows what is going to happen. Differences in two perforances of Dracula were huge and if a reviewer had seen a different night they would have said different things. How do you measure excellence. Some things in theatre and the arts are not measurable. If the audience loved it does it matter whether it was judged 'excellent' by reviewers/theatre people? (IS the Arts Council definition of excellence wrong? from another session)
Northampton Playhouse has 85 seats and they produce 6 shows of their own every year as well as taking many more shws from outside. -plenty of news there (as well as the other 5 theatres locally)
There is plenty of theatre news and the media should put out more information about it and take more notice.