Can theatre ever influence people on the same scale as T.V. and film.

Convener(s): Aaron Minnigin       

Participants: David X                                  

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Both participants pretty damn negative about the whole possibility of this ever coming off.

Influence taken to mean simply getting as large an audience as possible – of course it’s impossible to influence everyone in the same way – each individual has a different experience. 

Idea of a multi venue event nation wide to try and capture as big an audience as possible i.e. same performance going on in different venues around the country/world. But would each audience receive the same performance ?

Idea of tricking people into attending a football stadium then presenting them with a stage show – would probably piss a lot of them off was the general consensus. 

Idea of the literary aspect of theatre – i.e. the script, being able to reach a far wider audience - but this was due to it’s accessibility and reading  script is not going to see/being part of a performance.

Idea of films on performances seen as irrelevant – just films then.

The ‘no’ answer was undefeated.

Overall idea of why would you want to affect a mass audience? Why are we unhappy with just ten people being affected/influenced/witnesses?

Is this the inner dictator/megalomaniac?