the feeling of self indulgence vs being part of someone else's indulgence

realising or putting out there a solid or abstract idea about a project

following/creating one's own path

is the hierarchy always in place no matter how the idea is instigated?

does working with devisers open it up to more creatives and collaborators that do not follow this hierarchy?

a provocation

economics of theatre rule the hierarchy - we always need the safe path - normal process vs freedom to create

r&d s are not hierarchical and therefore free-er explorations

is it your path that finds you through choices or offers?

burnout - effort and reward balance

Bottom line:

the hierarchy is always there and finds you unavoidably.

Corporate finance idea - who's the best for the job
There is always the best director producer or director designer or likewise combination for a job. It is what will get the idea its truest expression
you just need to find the right people for the play
people approaching "solid bets to make an idea

that season at the royal court that was instigated by CL the resident designer.
There are theatres that are writing lead or director lead. Can they be designer lead or choreographer lead?
Germany as a model

Maybe create opportunities for oneself by approaching others with your ideas

Film has big marketplaces during festivals for ideas. The infrastructure is there.


What a gap in the market!

The treatment is the idea and getting it out there to many people at the same time - not approaching individual theatres. Finding collaborators that truly love that idea.
A marketplace with the money in the room.
The money people or reaction of others also acts like a cushion - if they invest in our idea financially or otherwise at least you know at least you have a potentially good idea. Or if not that it may not be good or that is not the time for it.
TV+Film model



Other people should not decide what we make

Director's and Producer's responsibility is WHY this play and WHY now
community model


The idea can come from anyone but once there that person kind of follows the hierarchy and becomes or finds a producer.

Submission windows are only for plays not for ideas and are just a few.

Samuel Beckett award

Lots of company opportunities but not idea lead.
A theatre dragon's den
Anonymous to avoid subconscious bias
The Voice for Theatre
TV => Andrew L W casting from "any dream" and getting audiences cashing in tv publicity.
(That is the point the brilliant idea to get ideas out and make brilliant theatre went all the way to be money maker and we all laughed all the way to the circle!)