Can passion for theatre be taught?

Tracey Nichols, 2 October 2012


Tracey, Adrian, Samantha, Leroy, Jessica, Steph.

How can students be encouraged to see more theatre?

Experiences of being taught - very important.

Theatre tickets - too expensive. Do reduced prices for students work?

Leroy's experience in the USA was that the tutors sat the students down at the beginning of the drama course and told them that it was “our job to make you quit”.

In the UK the experience of educators was that the success of courses are measured on achievement and retention rates.

Where can the passion be if the safe option is always chosen?

Passion can be nurtured but the spark HAS to be there.

Passion - inextricably linked with ambition in some shape or form.

The enemy - instant gratification / X Factor style reality shows /reality tv - all suggesting that successes are overnight and do not require the levels of hard work that are necessary.

Lecturers - working in the industry first is an important factor.

HIGH EXPECTATIONS - fosters and nurtures passion.


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