So here they all are. I started out looking very specifically at venues/festivals who programme LGBTQ+ seasons - so who might be claiming to platform LGBTQ+ voices but maybe needs a bit of shaking up around G-heavy programmes, and who is really getting LBTQ+ diversity through the door?

This list is a) pretty London-centric and b) not very intersectional. It's a complex issue, and a venue bad at LBTQ+ programming might be really great at diversity in other areas, or vice versa. Feel free to add names or disagree/defend anything on either list! I'd be really interested to find out how things are for LGBTQ+ People of Colour, or disabled or neurodivergent LGBTQ+ folk, so please please chip in and add comments below.

This isn't intended to be about just bitching (well ok maybe a little) - it's a chance to ask programmers/artistic directors to take a closer look at their programming choices and to explore the programming of venues who are doing diversity well.

Venues/festivals who could do their LGBTQ+ programming better :(

Kings Head

And what

Old Vic (specifically the Mark Gatiss season)

National Theatre's LGBTQ+ season

BFI Flare festival

Venues/festivals who are doing it well :)

Clapham Omnibus


Come As You Are festival

Stratford East

Marlborough (Brighton)

The Hope Theatre

The Bunker

Soho Theatre

Hackney Showroom