Calling all the Dreamers

Convener(s): Alex Eisenberg

Participants: Annie Amber Holmes, Stella Duffy, Alex Eisenberg, Mary, Matt Trueman, John Pinder, Lizzie Crarer, Tom Martin, Ellis Kerkhoven, Amy Letman, Jamie Zubairr, Ed


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

DREAMS are unconscious, an unplugging. Different ways of tapping into unconscious. Surrealists. Ways to explore. Ed is making a show about dreaming with support from the Welcome Trust. Dreams as sorting out. Freud and dreams. Interpretation – there are so many ways. Can’t be put any other way. Dreams as the creative frame. A Disney Exercise: There are three places in a room – 1. Dreamer, 2. Critic, 3. Realist – you visit each place and speak from that place about a particular idea and then you visit them again and see what might have changed. Working from the place (not Palace) of your dreams to get things done. There is nothing wrong with dreaming. Time and dreaming. Dreaming as about presence. The idea of being trapped in a dream. Good theatre is like a dream. Like a dream you don’t want to leave. Content versus form of dreams. Premonition dreams. Déjà vu. The dream where you almost died. Almost died dreams. Sleep paralysis – when your physical and mental capabilities are out of sync. Going back into your dreams. Trying to tell stories in dreams. Dream diaries. Controlling your dreams. Thirty seconds within a dream where you are absolutely able to control what happens – anything can happen – you can do anything. Changing the consciousness of an audience. Goat Island. Lulling people – but not to sleep? Flow states. Dreaming together. Sleeping together. The dark sides of your dreams. Dark dreams. Everyone’s dreams. Being a very good rapper in your dream, being a musical prodigy in your dream but not having any of these skills when you wake up. Dreams as having their own language. Language as not applicable to dreams. Shamanic dreaming workshops with Manda Scott. Using other people’s practices in your own way. Finding your own way. Can you die in your dream? If you die in your dream do you die? Almost died. Doing an impression of an arts administrator. The Palace as a dream. The dream as a palace. Putting your dreams out there. People you can dream with. Dreaming with – when you are awake. Practical Dreamers. Collaborative Dreamers. I a critic because I don’t dream. Critics as dreamers. An impression of a dreamer. Devoted and Disgruntled as a dream space. Saying dreams – shouting dreams. Karl Jung. Dreams as NOT. All people dream. Answers and questions. Dreams as questions. Dreams in sleep, dreams when awake. Sometimes you are not ready to make your dream a reality. Sometime your dream is not ready to be made a reality. Is your dream yours? How can we stay as dreamers? Do we want to be dreaming all the time? Are we dreaming all the time? Day dreaming. Dreamtime – a session from last year led by Andy. The Chaos Baby Project. Pushing the thinking out. Engaging other people in your dream. Fear of saying dreams out aloud. Showing the housekeeping of our minds. Dreams a taboo. Dreams don’t make sense. Unknown dreaming – impossible dreaming. Dreams as impossible. Censoring our senses. The limitations of language (again) to describe dreams. Dreams and OUR DREAMS. “Dreaming” and “lets dream about…”. A Midsummer Nights Dream. Quantum Physics, Parallel Worlds, String Theory. A scientist. What do scientists dream? Certain dream moments that access parallel worlds and other dimensions. Dream can do that. Can dreams do that? The BRAIN – dreams happen in the BRAIN. The BRAIN. Electric. Wet. Are we all dreaming? Is this a dream? Giving permission to say DREAMS.