Li-E Chen, 26 January 2015

Call Out for Resident Participants for London-wide ‘n-1’ Art Project:

Summary: It was more a one-to-one conversation with few people. The call wasn't too

clear on the session, didn't how to put in few words, so the brief information is below. I

was really surprised that someone came to me and said she would like to work with

me, we exchanged our interest briefly and agreed to meet up to experiment working

together in the next two days.

Li-E Chen: ‘n-1’ London Experimental Site-specific art project

- ‘n-1’ is a site-specific art project, taking place in an open space spanning across 168

locations set out as squares on a Google map of Greater London. The initial

development of the project begins by exploring the city of London as a ‘brain cell’, an

open space and a stage. These locations are associated with the 524 propositions of

Ludwig Wittgenstein’s ‘Tractatus Logico Philosophicus’, whose account of logical

structure and the limits of language inspires the project. Li-E Chen aspires to create

new artworks across London without any representational influences and references.

Works will be created onsite using found materials at each location and incorporating

random factors like the weather, the day's events, and John Cage-style ‘chance

operations’ introduced into the process.

Li-E Chen would like to invite you to be part of ‘n-1’. If you are an individual or local

organisation (such as a local museum, library, newspaper, art organisations or

business), and are interested in hosting/engaging the artistic process when it takes

place in your area, please register your interest here.

For more details, please visit here.

About Li-E Chen

Li-E Chen is a London-based Chinese interdisciplinary artist/director. She is interested

in developing contemporary arts and performance that goes beyond the functional,

political, traditional, historical, and representational, and that make no reference to

self, memory, identity, or meaning.

Li-E's artwork focuses on silence, non-representational forms of expression, and

creating art in conditions of ‘nothingness’. It brings together site-specific performance,

durational action, theatre, visual art, dance, live art and mixed media.

Call Out for Resident Participants for London-wide

London Artform: theatre, visual arts, literature, museums, photography, music, crafts,

combined arts, dance, film, interdisciplinary arts, libraries, Other, site-specific,

durational performance, other

Contact: Li-E Chen [email protected]



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