Li-E Chen, 15 January 2017

10 participants declared themselves ‘invisible’, some remained to be ‘invisible’ into the

reality of the world (for ‘when it is over, it is over’). Thank you for all of you who took

part in my session, you have helped me to make the ‘invisible’ museum visible

possible for a first step. I really appreciate it.

One word summery: Metamorphosis

Day 1 experiment: Whoever enter the invisible museum, I ask them to declare

themselves invisible on camera. (I looked back the photographs, they are so beautiful.

I did not ask for permission of use the ‘invisible’ photographs so I can't show them to

the public.)

I felt that a transformation require a process that can be a process of experimentation

or a duration time-based. Being stuck in the ‘invisible museum’ all day and not being

able to engage with the reality, it was a good thing. Because this moment reminds me

of a different understanding about John Cage's ‘Arts goes within’. In my words, ‘I stuck

in the invisible museum, and always stuck in the process of preparation.’

It was important that I was able to leave the ‘invisible’ museum at the end of the day to

connect back to the reality by wondering around what everyone are working on. While

I was going to group to group, I suddenly felt a sense of becoming, and I was standing

outside each of the circles, I say to myself I'm becoming a museum now: I AM A


This sense of ‘becoming’ is similar to my recent experience of becoming a new

mother. It was a transformation of becoming a mother after giving birth to my son (who

is 15 months old now). I am curious about the ‘invisible’ museum would develop as a

work of art. I remind myself it should be given lots of care and be as open as possible.

Someone asked, what is the invisible museum?

I replied, I should not know what it is.

Then, what is the function of museum?

The function of the museum is the function on ‘nothing’.

The museum cannot try to make anything, show or exhibit anything. It is a diffI cult

museum to be existed in reality but I am making it to become visible. The museum

may look like a mini mirror of DandD, a DandD within a dandd.

The museum should always remain to be ‘non-functional’. It is simply to connect with

people in an everyday level without any purpose or intention. As soon as putting

intention or purpose to it, the magic of art will disappear.

I still haven't worked out how I could be not to make ‘something’ while I am working on

nothing. It is really hard. I am going forth and back, don't know the answers. Perhaps if

I work slower and even slower in any possible ways, I would then be able to do this.

If anyone is interested in building the ‘invisible’ museum with me or like to host

me to take it on tour, or have any interests of becoming associates of the

museum, please email me: [email protected]

Updated: 02-02-2017

Proposition For The Manifesto of The Institute of Nothing

Focus on the art, not organising the art.

Don't try to finish with any products.

Don't try to create or be creative.

Don't try to get a production out of your art.

Know that you are stuck in the middle possibly for the rest of your life.

You may then have the chance to be granted Nothing.


Li-E Chen

Building an ‘invisible’ museum: I AM A MUSEUM 2017

Performed the experiment at the Devoted and Disgruntled 12: What Are We Going To

Do About Theatre And Performing Arts Now?

Photo: Paul Whitlock

n-1 Museum Collection: No Records Match This Set of Find Request 2017



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