Bringing music, words, vocal instruments in conversations to each other on 'nothingness' for one year through mini-pockets of DandD lab.

Li-E Chen, 7 June 2015

I wrote this report via my mobile during the session.

The idea of this session came out from the session yesterday “opera is not about words”, and inspired by the idea about conversation, Improbable's ‘mini-pockets of dandd cards with the open space principles’. I am also very curious about the relationships between each discipline working in opera.

I feel my questions are not possible to be answered just in a weekend event, and love to have more conversation like this. Therefore, I would like to create a network/community who like to share the similar passion of creating and developing new opera.

Space: I talked to someone last night about this and asked for supports. I would be able to have a room at Senate House, University of London for monthly to have this lab conversations.

When: propose for every month at the end of month on Saturday, starting from 27th

June 2015 (date and time to be confirmed; i will try to book a room tomorrow. )

Can we have conversations on ‘nothing’ through music, words and vocal instrument? I feel this relate to other people's sessions: ‘how do we make new work?’ , ‘Support British talent.’

Other questions about this: How do we collaborate? How do we all have ‘our voice to speak’ openly and honestly about our works, rather than just shows/productions?

How can we understand each other ‘s processes? What is a good conversation? How do we practice to have a conversation and help us to make better works? Why is this important to opera?

random key words that I heard from other people about their passion with opera:

language, communication, voice, open, listening, conversations, dandd, talent, unique, composers, singers’ voice, words, what is it? keeping space open…

Edward passed by and suggested that I should announce it here to let everyone know how and where people can join.

Action: I am going to make a draft facebook page now and ask someone to edit my english and will tell people about it. So anyone is interested in, they can join and take part in this ‘mini-pockets of DandD lab on opera’.

With help from Sarah and Edward, the Facebook group DandD min Lab is launched!

LINK: DandD mini lab via

Many thanks to Improbable's DandD mini-pocket cards and the invitation to this great event at Royal Opera House this weekend.


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