Do these labels allow gatekeepers to be lazy?

So often you receive a casting breakdown which asks for applicants from a BAME background, but which one?

There is a need to be more specific in terms of requirements. It is inherently offensive to find yourself in a casting with someone of a different ethnicity, up for the same role, and feeling like you are simply a 'box tick'.

Where are the gatekeepers? Why are we sitting here in an echo chamber? How do we get more people us into the gatekeeping roles?

It is disappointing that this discussion is comprised predominantly of people who fall within these categories. Does this display a lack of interest on the part of people unaffected by these issues to listen?

Gender and sexuality are two different things. But gender and ethnicity are things which are presented to the world, they are 'obvious'. Other elements of this are not on display so publicly.

Is it the responsibility of the artists to push this, solely, or should there be more engagement from companies/buildings to resolve the issues?

Crossovers between these issues and issues of intersectionality.