Mismatch between BAME stories and performances when compared to presence in the boardroom.
Organisations should examine internal structures that block gateways to leadership reflective of ethos and mission statement.
Theatre Deli championing new structural model to bring about change.
The industry should work closely with the Clore Fellowship.
Read Panic! 2018 report.
Individuals and organisations should work to expand their social groups and partnerships.
BAME leadership is an issue for all Arts practitioners.
A greater value should be placed on transferable skills.
UK Theatre, SOLT, commissioned Tonic Theatre to
develop a toolkit for casting diversity.
Skills sharing and mentoring should be championed.
Mindset change is urgent: Display conscious leadership, seek alternative strategies.
Eastern European community's creative voice seem silenced.
See and experience a diverse range of work/talent.
Put "diversity" at the forefront of business as well as creative conversations.
Encourage a leadership mentality in the young through community engagement activities.