Balancing creative/risky programming with economic realities

Simon Hollingworth, 22 June 2012

Long & wide ranging discussion on this topic mostly from 3 separate points of view: small mixed use arts centre; artist development & a touring company.

Total agreement on importance of ensuring emerging artists find platforms for developing & sharing new work & ideas in a supportive environment.

Exploring models that allow for more mainstream income generation at the same time as artist development. Smaller spaces alongside larger auditoriums. Financial models that minimise financial risk.

Vital need for venues/organisations to take risks is as important as need to encourage audiences to take risks and be brave. Life blood.

Discussion re mixed use venues: hard to control how the message of how the venue is perceived / comes across is almost impossible but there are of course ways to influence it and this is really key.

Discussed importance of sexy / relevant marketing in ensuring that new/risky work also attracts an audience.

Attended by Gary, Simon, Wendy, Suba, Tim, Sophie, Verity, guy in purple shirt!


economics, programming, artist development, risk-taking, Risk, balance, risk, marketing