Kath Burlinson, 9 January 2016

The Authentic Artist is a 3-day workshop that has run 34 times in London and various

places in Scotland, but never in Birmingham.

Guided by Kath Burlinson, it offers artists from all disciplinary backgrounds an

opportunity to work in a safe space, to take risks, to try out new work/ideas or to


The first part of today's session focused on the practicalities of offering the workshop

in Birmingham/West Midlands. A host of venues were suggested including the Drum,

Edge, Mac, Woodsman pub, Moseley Exchange Rooms, Orange Studios,

Newhampton Arts centre, Arena arts centre, Theatre Absolute.

Newsletters - Mid point and Friction and the Theatre Cuppa networking group were

also mentioned as ways to spread the word.

The second part of the session consisted of smaller, more intimate one-to-one or

smaller group conversations about the work itself. I won't try to summarise all these

conversations, except to say that I made it clear that in Authentic Artist workshops

each artist is treated as a unique individual, the group has a maximum size of 6 and

that the work can be transformational.

I hope that today's session has planted a seed and that “AA” Birmingham may be

launched by the end of the year. If you are interested please see the website:


Session participants:

Laura Tipper, Monica Herbert, JP Houghton, Ali Belbin, Elspeth Burray, Tyrone

Huggins, Uzma Kazi, Rochi Rampal, Miriam Age and Kath Burlinson


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