Elspeth Murray, 12 January 2016

I called this session because I've begun using puppetry to help artists talk and think

about their work.

I've used Critical Response Process to facilitate artist-centred feedback on

performances and work in progress.


And I've used puppets within workshop and classroom settings to give people

feedback and encouragement on their work.

We talked about ways that puppets have helped us solve problems.

Bridget the badger, Juniper the rabbit and Frank the fox all took turns in facilitating

feedback from Lisa and Paul and Matilda to Ridley who had made 3 different Lego


Step 1: Statements of Meaning. The puppets asked the responders to say what they

found meaningful about the cars.

Step 2: Ridley told the puppets that he wanted to know from us which car was our

favourite. (In this section the artist can ask any specific questions that are of interest at

that time).

Step 3: The responders asked Ridley some neutral questions about his process and

ambition around the cars. We learned some useful things we didn't know about

working with his mum/co-builder Matilda and the restrictions of working with a limited

set of Lego. And the limits on speed of Lego cars.

Step 4: The responders OFFERED opinions to Ridley in the following format: “I've got

an opinion about X. Would you like to hear it?” He didn't have to hear the opinion or, if

he did choose to hear it, didn't have to say whether he was going to take it on board or


As well as that the puppets were able to chat to people about how they were feeling.

Frank had the great privilege of hearing how D&D was making someone feel

particularly appreciative of his life and work and place in the world. It's enough to make

a puppet feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


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vimal korpal, 14 January 2016

Dear Frank Fox,

It was a pleasure to meet u on Sunday. I was unaware how powerful puppetry is and how it can really take people on a

journey especially their own! So thank you.

It's given me a taster to get more involved with puppetry.