Ashrams in India…how to be calm(ish)

Convener(s): Sally Christopher 

Participants: Tiphaine, Alex, a lovely lady from Dublin and another very nice lady


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

A very lovely, useful and insightful session where we met and shared experiences involving yoga, ashrams, India, Ta-ke-ti-wa and the notion of dreams and travel.


The conversation travelled from practical tips on where to go and what to expect (Kerala, Shivanda and a family yoga farm on Clare Island, off the coast of West Ireland come highly recommended) to how we feel, how we cope, what we desire and what we dream.

We discussed the notion of discipline and dedication. Of focusing the mind. Of challenging yourself and your body.

We discussed what drives us, what may happen when we begin to unlock (and the fallout) and how we cope with this. Meditation and a way to focus the mind to stop the chatter in our heads which come from our work and our life.


Conversation moved to talks of trekking through France, friends on pilgramages and interesting dreams. Alex bumbled bee-ed in at a wonderful time – sharing the knowledge of another group’s discussion on Ta-ke-ti-wan.

It felt refreshing and inspiring and calming. It reminded me that I don’t need to go to India to find inspiration and time to think…although I will still be going in India and I am, of course, naturally scared but thrilled by the prospect.


I am also going to stretch every morning for 20 minutes and start up my morning pages again. Small things, but great things.


Thanks to those who came. A brilliant and relaxing way to end this uplifting weekend.