Lack of provision of arts activity in the borough outside of private ventures such as private dance schools and Stagecoach. Does Spiral and SPATZ still exist?
How do parents know what is "quality" provision? No standardisation - anyone can set up a drama group (opportunity versus quality control)

Young people having to travel to find alternative activities and work experience

Savvy had broad theatre offer but were pushed out of borough when venues closed

Orchard Hill Academy Trust - 850 students out of mainstream education with range of issues/disabilities. Arts have the possibility of impacting in a way that academic subjects can't. More flexibility in the curriculum so can make room for the arts - could they work with Arts Award as alternative qualification for students and Arts Mark as a way of badging and creating recognition

Arts subjects being squeezed out of the curriculum - EBACC etc so need to find an alternative way for young people to discover and engage with the arts

Youth service has been cut - what is you youth club provision in the borough? Youth clubs as a mechanism for accessing young people and introducing/engaging in the arts - taster sessions leading to long term classes

Good provision of arts in the borough school provision - schools offering dance and drama activity
Glenthorne School offer Saturday classes in drama, dance, music

How do young people/parents find out what is on offer? If there was a venue/arts hub could act as information point/signposting

How do we create the audiences of the future if they can't see work in the borough from a young age

Identified young people aged 11 - 13 as prime target age group. Not much provision, hard to work with as so much developmental change happening, not old enough to access activity independently

How do we get a youth voice involved in Arts Network Sutton?

What do we need to make things happen:

Time and expertise