Schools now often focus on pushing core subjects like English, Maths and Science, when really the most important ones for gaining important skills for later in life are the arts.

One main discussion point of today was how many of us have either had minimal access or none at all to performing, or generally having a chance to work in arts in school. We realised that without persuing the arts, many of us would not have enough confidence to talk to or around people in general. This means that many of us would never get the chance to make a difference in what we love, or ever find that love for performing.

We believed that if we had the arts integrated into many, even all subjects, we would learn so much better and quicker. Also, we discussed things like Horrible Histories, and how, as silly as it may have been, it has helped us to remember a lot of information, that simply writing down would not have. This made us think about how we could integrate the arts into many subjects, like english. We thought that we could create short films on what we needed to remember, or something similar. The arts in general seems to be very helpful in education, so we couldn't understand why cuts are being made.

How do we change this? Well, we start by making our voice heard, to large educational groups like United Learning, we start by gathering people with the same ideas and passions, and we start by recognising that our current educational system is corrupt. Our current educational system relies on maths, English and science being the be-all and end-all. This is incorrect. Maths, English, Science, History, any subject you want to name, is solely based on teaching you about the educational environment. In our world today, most people are out of education, looking for a job, and this cannot be done without basic skills in communication. This is why we need to embed arts in children at a young age, where they are their most impressionable.

Without the arts, many people would live without a purpose, without finding something, or somewhere that they feel comfortable and happy.