Artist led performance platforms: What can they be?

Convener(s): John Pinder 

Participants: Simon Bowes, Lynn Gardner, Alex Eisenberg, Brian Lobel and more


Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

  • We discussed the opportunity of organizing a regular ‘platform’ for experimental performance in the Riverside Studios. 
  • The day/night of performance would wish to give early to mid career artists the opportunity to show case developed and fresh work. 


Working from this premise the requirements, strong points and dangers of this proposition were discussed and further questions asked:

  • Sense of hospitality and profile provided by Riverside Studios would be attractive to both audiences and artists.
  • The possibility of mixing audiences, bringing new audiences to see experimental work is an exciting possibility.
  • This platform would need sustainability, a strong identity and branding to avoid devaluing the work.
  • A producer would be on board to ensure most effective marketing and diffusion of information about the event within the wider public sphere.


Some of these issues raise further questions:

  • Is the Riverside Studios the right place?
  • How to make a performance platform of most value to the artist?