Adam Milford, 27 January 2013

After running a session on what you wish you'd learned while training to help you do

your job better there seems to be a consensus that artists need a little more business

training and savvy so we don't get bogged down with it abd can focus on the actual job


whether we agree with it or not, most of us are entrepreneurs. We create work, set up

companies and generate business. so why not acknowledge that and look at

opportunities outside our comfort zone?

There are advice centees and organisations for entrepreneurs which we can take

advantage of. The sites below may help us find new streams of funding our work and

rethink how we ask for help to make our projects come to fruition:

This last site may be of particular interest to those who attended the ‘Artist as parasite

in Tory Britain’ sessin on Saturday - its a scheme set by the current government to

help investors by essentially underwriting their investments through tax breaks etc.

Artists can take advantage of this.

Adam Milford



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Chris Grady, 27 January 2013

The advice given by my colleague Lynn Whitehead (Head of Creative Learning at the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds) to

all people going into the business is to remember…You are starting a business. You have a very special product to sell.

You need to understand the business, promotion of your product, and who can help you sell it. The only difference between

your situation and a seller of widgets, is that YOU are the product. You are selling yourself. You are the sole product of your


Its a difficult concept for some actors and arts people to get their heads around, but it is an important one.



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Deborah Henry-Pollard, 6 February 2013

There are also other places to get free business advice if you are a freelancer/entrepreneur, such at the City Business

Library, who have loads of free events and seminars covering tax, networking, business planning, etc.

The British Library has an extensive library and also has events, including a lot on trademarks/Intellectual property

The people at both are really helpful and can help you find the material you need.

I have a free ebook on my website ‘Demystifying the Business Planning Process’ for people who are complete novices

(think of it as training wheels!)

There is a very good creative coach called Mark McGuinness who has a totally free 26 part online foundation course,

Creative Pathfinder, in how to develop your creative career, whatever your creative background (writer, designer, actor,


Hope this helps!