Amelia Bird, 15 January 2017

A question raised in response to meeting lots of theatremakers who are frequently

physically and/or mentally unwell. What about our work and industry contributes to

good or poor wellbeing?


Bad spaces

Poor lighting


The myth that theatre is always fun

Body stress

Lack of routine

Feeling alone (in or out of a rehearsal room)


Fresh air



The sea

The sky


Perspective on wider picture of life


Physical warm up

Good work

Getting older and wiser

We then talked a bit about the population of the room this year. More babies, slightly

older group (not so many fresh graduates) and the calm, more ‘well’ feeling that

people seemed to be exuding.

We also talk a bit about creativity and whether creativity makes us unwell of if it is just

the structures around it.

We spoke about the many times this weekend we'd heard creativity referenced as

small openings of space rather than a big all-encompassing force.


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