Are You Feeling Ok- A check In

Peter McMaster, 29 July 2012

Present-Jen, Jane, Laura Bradshaw, Kerry, Peter McMaster and Angie Bual.

At DnD is there a need to speak emotionally? Is the conversation style too exclusive? Be kind to yourself.
It is nice to understand different peoples places in the room to do with their lives/their places in career.

Feeling good about the energy in the room. People seem like they want to take action. Here is a link to continuing the discussions and action from DnDR in the form of a meeting group:

Do people feel scared really?
yes, we think so.
Why don't we challenge each other enough?
What kind of framework are we part of as artists?
Does the given paradigm just mimic capitalist economic structures?
Why use the word industry?
What can we do?
Action groups Please.
I would have liked to sing everyone a song.
A ritual to mark this event- perhaps a communal ‘outing’ as people who are lost.

It is ok to be lost.
Harking back to earlier discussions- why don't we allow ourselves to fail?
Success success success.
Do we take risks?
Feeling stuck.
Where are the spaces that make you feel ‘AH! INSPIRING!’?
Is the system too formal and uncreative- are written proposals for funding the reason why we are a writer-led community?
Things feel tired.
Free fringes seem to be containing a good energy.
The fringe has become too corporate.
We are scared of change?
Check out Leith open Space Community.
Check out Rugged University.
This is hopeful.
People are taking action.
I feel depressed.
It would be good to have DnDR satellite groups.
Just open spaces for people to come and communicate-keep the theatre community active and engaged with each other.
Feeling invigorated and optimistic about taking action.
It feels sad that CS and NTS aren't here. And has made me angry. Where were you?