are we givn what we want or do we take it.

Convener(s): Bette Bourne

Participants: eight  people. (Fluctuated)

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

This discussion was initiated by me  because I’m tired of hearing people saying ‘something ought to be done about this’and not realising that the only way its gonna get done is if YOU do it. It sounds obvious but is isn’t always. 

We talked about the moment when you not only realise this but recognise that it’s the right time for you.  It isn’t always the rigtht time. Experience comes into it and the courage to do  your project will come  at the most surprising moment.. Then comes the problem of hlw to initiate things. When is th right moment and who are the pleople you need to engage WITH You.

We realised that  there are leaders and followers . you may not have realised that you are  a leader after all. You never felt like a leader and that its that: your gut in stinct is what drives you to take the risk or to bother at all.