Are we all saying the same thing?

Convener(s): Alex Eisenberg

Participants: Adrian, Lindsey, Liam, Rosin, Joe, Alex

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Are we all saying the same thing? [OR maybe Are we all doing the same thing?]

That we articulate things in different way (in language) BUT maybe there are some fundamental things that we are all in fact always trying to say (or do?).

The example of an argument comes up – when there is conflict but really that is getting in the way of the fact that you are ‘saying the same thing’.

How can we think of this as broader! Are there some fundamental principles of life?

  • Love
  • Sex
  • Death

Thinking about the question in relation to theatre? Are all people making theatre trying to say or do the same thing?

What about differences in politics? Or differences in motivations? Differences in intention?

How important is intention in theatre making?

Compare to Lady Gaga – what is the difference in intention between a Lady Gaga concert and a Romeo Castellucci show?

Let’s consider that:

Maybe we are not all saying the same thing.

Thinking about collaborative processes. The problem of trying to get everyone on the ‘same page’. Or ‘forcing’ a group to compromise.

Does it matter if we are all saying the same thing or not?

Perhaps it’s about empowering difference in your work (and in your life). Perhaps it’s about finding ways to incorporate the NEGATIVE or the NO voice?



Thinking about certain theatrical techniques like Le Coq which operate from a place of attempting to access certain universals – such as:

What is universally funny?


What is a universally great story?

Maybe we should ‘overcome postmodernism’ and revert back to more traditional notions of storytelling.

BUT maybe this is a move in towards the individual as opposed to the group and maybe that is not so good?

“Saying the same thing” – in relation to the production of a project.

How certain members of a group might talk about the project in terms of marketing or PR?

How there might be a good coherence within the group in terms of the performance but when it comes to sharing this in ‘public’, outside of the theatre space, that this is not always the case?

Do these things hold us back? 

  • Chasing after novelty.
  • Always trying to do the thing that is new.

CONVERSATION MOVED AT THIS POINT TO (and notes stopped being taken – so this is from a loose memory!):

Nostalgia or sentimental forms of engagement – such as Lady Gaga, Football or X-Factor


Certain forms of theatre/performance/art which seek to set up an ethics where (for only a short moment perhaps) there is no option but to be ‘overcome/bound’ by the moment. And where this is the intention.

That theatre is an amazing place to do this. (Maybe it’s the only place to do this.)



That theatre has the potential to leave ‘a stone in your shoe’ – like Forced Entertainment/Goat Island.

The shape and texture of that stone depends of the ‘intentions’ and process of the work.

Accessing reality – opening portals beyond reality?

Dream States

Emotion, feelings, thoughts AS SHARED

Therefore a commonality even when you don’t know it.

It’s just about how to access or bring forth this commonality.

Catharsis as a way?

What is the most pure way to do this?


Big Questions