I am looking to work with 5-10 UK based/trained bilingual creatives who can help us shape the content of the programme we teach, and explore the complexities of taking English language lyrics/songs and finding suitable Arabic interpretations which work across a some (never all) of the tribe of Arabic languages. We want to create a version of a musical theatre song which can sing well in Dammam on the East and Jeddah in the West of the Kingdom - where very very different Arabic may be spoken.

We then want to work with some of the Saudi performers we already know to uncover amazing stories and ideas which could form the basis for new works that could be created by these inspiring and aspiring professionals. Helping creatives have a voice and to find their community is one of the most exciting parts of this work. If we can also forge great connections between creatives in our two Kingdoms them that could lead to ...well almost everything.

If you are bilingual, then please get in touch with me [email protected].
My session gave me time to think and the day gave me time to be inspired by other sessions. Thank you