Are big orgs doing enough to support small ones?

Lucy Meredith, 4 October 2012

Mentorship schemes? eg Kennedy Centre arts orgs not for profit.
Speed dating style matching up orgs.
Corporate responsibility policy not just big arts orgs also marketing co's etc for shadowing new skills.Do people know what ops are available and are they too scared to ask?

Should the council let groups use millenuim sq and other public spaces that are under used? why not? Leeds is seen as the city of shopping can we change this by creating a more regular use of spaces for artistic use, why don't they just cut the red tape? Would be nice to have a more covent garden culture of Street performance so people actually go to millenium sq.

Why is this not happening?
Also with with arts venues why do they not use cross pollenation of audience lists which would be mutually beneficial for small & Large orgs. Why can't we work together instead of feeling in competition? Exchange/data swap.
Share audiences & info.
Large orgs can help small orgs and this in turn can benefit the large org as they can reach people who wouldn't usually go to the theatre. also getting back creative content/showing of work at the venue.
Big orgs have a responsibility to at least encourage (not ignore) community co's. Ideas:
Free room once a month for groups to use maybe perform in wyph?

Leeds needs to have more of a sharing ethos generally rather than competetive. get orgs to support the grass roots culture.


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