Gwen Scott, 16 January 2017

These notes were taken while breastfeeding - coherence is not to be expected.

IT was a session called to explore interest and options for a theatre maker who is

considering involving animation in theatre and was attended by people from a range of


Richadn Headon introduced his event in Bristol in MAy (?) where they will be using

animation for enhancement of a building.

We discussed using animation instead of set - do you play in front of it or with it.

It was noted just HOW LONG it takes to animate and that this is a very time

consuming medium to work in.

This provoked discussion about funding.

ACE don't quite understand it as theatre and see it as film yet BFI would class it


Frustration was expressed by an emerging artist about projects she has wanted to

deliver but not been able to fund due to the amount of time required to animate.

ultimately artistic quality is compromised.

We discussed other sensory technologies like smell - hacking Glade air freshners


tactile fabrics in animation

How 12frames per second animation allows the audience a split second to dream.

As ever the action could lie in collaboration - puppeteers meeting animators metting

theatre technicians.

I also scribbled these words down with my left hand and include them here in case

they are a reference for anyone…


Dale Air

Little Angel (theres someone there who is interested in supporting artists working in


The End