An Open Space Building

Convener(s): Nick Sweeting 

Participants: Quite a few – please add your name if you were there

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

  • A Building for Open Space
  • A Building run by Open Space

Some thoughts:

- Is it free?

- O/S = disorganised

- Fully Alive

- How do you bring lots of things together?

- A number of starting points; standing points

- Spontaneous Audience


Change in Attitudes


Eg – Brazier’s Park

Importance of Core Team

What are the terms and conditions?



Responsibility – separate from tasks



What’s the question?

Who is the team?

Not an existing team?

Audience – work – artistic ethos

Develop Culture/thinking



Do it; start it

FIND A SPACE and invite people to come

Keeping doing it – move the space and keep doing it