Amateur theatre - how do we develop and continue to grow especially when support always seems to go to under 25s?

Rachel Vernelle, 4 October 2012

We are slightly embarrassed about using the term ‘amateur’ - why?! Why should Am Dram have such negative connotations?
There is lots of unpaid knowledge and experience out there.
The boundaries between ‘professional’ and ‘amateur’ are blurred. There is some fantastic quality coming from those of us who have chosen not to try and make a living from theatre.

Amateur directors/performers need to see other ways of doing things than they are used to EG - minimal use of props!
Ideas to continuously improve:
Go and see other shows. Go together. Get together before and after the show for a drink and to discuss it (bars may be happy to give you a room for this if it isnt being used).

Aspiring professional directors could work with amateur groups to learn their business and bring a fresh outlook to groups.
Professional directors/groups sometimes work wtih amatuer ones/performers EG Pointed Arrow/Red Ladder.

Amateur groups come together to fund technique or masterclasses.
WYP - open up to us, run workshops etc; we are your loyal audience! Partnerships between local professional theatres and amateurs.
A coherent development programme to tap into would be fantastic.
Go to Edinburgh together to see stuff and be inspired. May get a chance to do some

street theatre.....
Do rehearsed readings and have discussions afterwards.

Conclusion - there is some great stuff out there, many people wanting to grow and develop but not enough collaboration or opportunities to develop skills and approaches.


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