Am I too old to change my mind?

Convener(s): Sally Christopher                  

Participants: Some lovely people who came and went… 

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

Brilliantly, the unanimous answer to this question was…

‘No…it is never too late to change your mind about your place within the arts, your career and of course, the direction of your life.’ 

The small (but perfectly formed) group that collected in the frosty corner by the grand stage shared stories and provided reassurance and guidance for Sally (the convener) who was maybe having a ‘reaction to turning 30 moment’.  The group shared stories of the various times in which we had changed our minds about where we were in life and how these decisions (although often monumental and terrifying) had actually turned out to be a really good thing.

Actors who are now directors, a dental nurse who is now a designer, an aerialist who is now a performer and a performer who is now a costume designer.

Change can be a good thing and it was agreed that the best way to find this out is to just go ahead and try it on for size.  Perhaps someone who changes their mind more than others isn’t actually unfocused - maybe they’re just someone who is seeking new experiences and ways of growing as a practitioner / arts professional / person.  We thought it is probably for the best to worry less about how others may view us / our decisions / where we see ourselves within the ‘career ladder’ and focus on what is right for us. 

It was an odd question, that popped in to my mind…but I was glad I asked the question.  Those people who I met reassured me that change can only be a good thing - as long as there is a thought process, a passion and commitment attached. 

Funnily enough, after a day at ‘D and D’, I realized how happy I am with where I am at this moment and time – but it is lovely to know that change can be and will be welcomed. 

An interesting quote that one member of the group put forward maybe sums up the chat…

“If you’re not scared of your dreams, then they’re not big enough”. 

And perhaps too….

“A life lived in fear is a life half lead”