Alignment in order to make connections between life strands

Who called this session: Ellis Kerkhoven
Who attended this session: Amelia Bird, Janet Morris, Tim Lenkiewiez, Regina Mendes, Fiona Wright, Geogia Rolents.

This session was called because many of us are juggling a number of artistic strands in our ‘business’ (actor, writer, director, teacher etc) and whilst at times this can be seen as being a positive thing (strings to your bow and all that) it can also drag one about from pillar to post on a daily basis, leaving us feeling exhausted and that we are not really ‘getting anywhere’.

Add in other life strands (family, financial, spiritual commitments etc) and there is an even greater feeling of fragmentation.

Finding-connections-between-things seem to be a possible answer ie. the pulling together of needs, desires and skills into one manageable ‘job’ that still offers the freedom of all with the productivity of a successful (and perhaps singular) job.

We defined Alignment to mean ‘following ones own Truth’. Ie being committed to the discovery and maintenance of what makes you - you.

The first thing that came up was the concept of ‘group alignment’ - where artists get together to combine their skills, desires etc to create a company/collective in the hope of this being the ‘answer’. Lots of fresh graduates do this for example but end up discovering that some reason its not quite working. In retrospect this is perhaps because these individual artists, simply through the lack of growth that comes with experience, are not yet ‘personally’ aligned. They are uncertain, ever changing and discovering and so therefore is their company. Collectives that are formed later in their careers are likely to be with like-minds that have a much more greater sense of their own personal alignment with themselves and their artistry and stand a greater chance of survival.

But what about when you are a lone-wolf then? A jack of all trades master of none in others eyes who has been around the block a few times, discovered what they love, developed their skills, evolved as much they can right now and are still juggling numerous money-jobs, creative projects and life commitments.? How can you pull these strands together and live a life where your career actually is in alignment with the new you? Do you just have to finally choose a speciality, commit, let go of some strands for good and go for it? Or what?

Heres what came up:

Maybe try approaching it the other way around? Look, find and experiment with connections, give them a chance, have a go and then see if they result in alignment. Have less fear of failure and just go for it - be brave! Waiting for the perfect signal or sign that your choice of connections is ‘right’ might mean you wait forever and do nothing. Does anyone ever really and truly know the perfect combination of skills, interests, desires etc in order to live the dream life? Doubtful. Have a go.

Action your ethics. This may need to start with redefining them in the first place. What is your perception of success? What is your perception of happiness? Put the work in and define them ‘for you’ so you know if you have achieved them or not. Then put them into practice and live by them.

Do you need as much money as you think you need...?

Are you only successful if you are being productive...?
Then keep the power of you convictions and be content with your personal ethics.

Consider your relationships to others. Finding the ‘most effective combination’ of life strands might mean in relation to someone else. Get out, meet people - connect with their strands and see what happens.

Do whatever gives you momentum - not success. If thats being spiritually aligned then so be it. Perhaps it being grounded. Perhaps its bouncing off other people.

Go lightly! Use your intuition, live authentically. And stay true to that.

Trust in timing. Perhaps ‘now’ isnt the time when everything is going to go ‘click’ and work perfectly. Align yourself with who you are and what you believe, operate from this place and trust the outcome will serve your initial intention.

Thats if you have one of course - if not - make sure you set an intention. How can you know if you've achieved what you wanted to achieve if you didnt define this in the first place?

Maybe aligning yourself with the concept that NOT committing to certain set of lifestrands opens up opportunity and freedom and creative flow? Have flexible thinking around status and perceptions.

So, checking in here, it became apparent that the reason we want to find these connections between life strands was to be less fragmented, more productive, successful, wealthy etc. and that being aligned was necessary for momentum and authenticity (both in life and artistry). BUT it isnt enough to just want it or even discover it - you also have to action it. However you manage to get around to making/choosing/discovering these connections there is the need to then DO. Commit.

This is where the concept of an inner secondary or inner secretary came in. Someone to say in an authoritive tone “Today you WILL book that space, send those emails and contact that person.” Life rewards action. Commitment comes through practice.

Plug into your personal Source and then get on with it.

You dont make the work you want to make you make the work you need to make.

In a kind of rushed conclusion it seemed the outcome was that personal alignment (and the commitment to its maintenance) WILL help you make connections between your life strands, and they in turn MAY make your life less hectic, fragmented and stressful (indeed may result in being more ‘successful’). BUT do be open to those connections changing regularly or not being there at all sometimes. And trust that.

Regina left me a lovely image, of how in times past (and still happening in other countries all over the world) people have no separation between life strands. Women in fields together, speaking, working, singing, earning - living.
It works for them.


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