Runs in late July and August (5 weeks). Smaller and less expensive than Edinburgh Fringe: Camden has about 300 shows. Lots of comedy and new writing. Open application process. You propose a show and then find a venue to take it.

VENUES: in borough of Camden, and venues range from pub theatres to those with 100+ seats. Spoke to Matthew Cleverly who took REGREXIT (a Brexit romance) last year. He did the Etcetera and advised that an afternoon show (2:30 slot) can work. Etcetera does box-office split; other venues do rental (per performance) or box-office split. Camden puts your show into its brochure and also will provide press list. There's a pre-meet for companies to find out about each other, but it isn't the festival atmosphere as in Edinburgh, since venues are not so near to each other.

HINTS: Get word of mouth/press releases out to venues early as this maximises chances of getting a review. Ask if your venue does complimentary tickets for press (and how many). Ask if you can put up posters near your venue. You can use a flyering service but also possible to do it yourself (ask venues if you can put your flyers in their rack). You can do a single night or a longer run - ask the venue.

Matt McGuinness did We are What We Overcome atBrighton Fringe and said that weekends get better performance audiences.

Valerie Kaneko-Lucas is from Bottegavaga (Italy): and we are taking Arlecchino Torn in 3 (Commedia dell'Arte) to Camden Fringe in 2020.
We're on:
Twitter: bottegavaga_
Producer email: [email protected]

Trailer is below.
Thanks to all who participated!