Actors and writers collaborating live; anyone interested in helping me make it happen

Convener(s): Aliki Chapple

Participants: Aliki Chapple, Tushar Pandy

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

I’ve been trying to find a way to incorporate social media and some ideas from gaming into live performance that would  be interesting for actors. The most recent idea I had was to get a group of playwrights to improvise live, with the actors, during the show. Perhaps we’d assign a writer to each character/actor, and they’d use Twitter, or some other technology to send lines. We could project the lines into the performance space, so that the audience could see them too. Maybe there would be a stipulation that you had to say anything tweeted to you, but could also improvise other lines. Maybe the actors could only improvise action; I can think of all kinds of ways to subvert text with physical action….. I was hoping to find writers and actors intrigued by this idea, and maybe schedule such a jam.


Tushar showed up, and we chatted a . He seemed to like the idea, but wandered off.