New Models for Regional Theatre

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Session on Monday Last D&D

Convener: Dee

Attended: Lee

Mostly I picked Lee’s brains about Open Space events and had rangy talk about that, creative learning and theatre in general.

Talked about organising an Open space for regional theatres (or should we just do it by being a new model?)


Buy the book on Open Space Technology

Set one up

Update at end of Jan..

Bought the book and read it. 

Passed it on to people. 

Looks like we are moving towards an Open Space for the broad theatre community in the Eastern Region – the feeling being that the way to find what the new models are is to start being open to discovery as we explore, try things and become it. 

Meanwhile the three of us from the Mercury who attended D&D are talking at work and with companies we work with,  about what we discovered and the questions we are asking.