How do we unite Art Forms to create better Theatre?
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In our meeting we came up with four key ideas to unite Art Forms to create better Theatre. Please add if anything I left out. Strawberry signifies responsibilities so please e-mail everyone if you want to make something yours. 

-Artists from different disciplines meeting one another because if you get different people in the room different things will happen.
We discussed getting together at either Central School of Speech and Drama or Central Saint Martins to create a network of people from different disciplines. Stella, Alex and others to ask CSSD and CSM for the space/ find other spaces. Open space discussion so that each practitioner brings their own bank of ideas and finds the people they want to work with. This time can also be used to share job offers, advice and resources. 
We can also meet after D&D monthly event at Shunt.

These meetings can become/begin as/also be workshops. We felt that we would need to find a messier space for workshops so that artists are free to create work. To find a BIG messy squat/abandoned building which could be used as an experimentation space.

This open door event would be a playground for people from different disciplines to work together and have the opportunity to show their experiments to an audience. It would be a bit like a festival; established artists/musicians could also perform, people could share skills through workshops and so on. It would also be a forum for us to share our ideas and could end with a publication. Relics from performances could then be exhibited and sold. To find a location, organise and find support for this event. The residency could be a week/weekend out of London if anyone can find a place/field to stay and work in. Stella to think about how she wants to incorporate the 'Live on Stage' show she's curating.

-Knowledge exchange on an on-line blog
On this site we can share experiences of shows we've seen, post jobs, post if people want to exchange skills, create a pool of talent/resources, keep and update of workshops, meetings and general progress. Someone to set up blog. As a very abstract collective we should consider a name. 

If any of these ideas do happen we have to think about how we will invite people from different disciplines. 
Sound makers, sculptors, film makers, actors, dancers, prop makers, mask makers, trapize artists, jugglers, lighting designers, creators, producers, directors, writers, singers, tarot card readers, critics, performance artists, painters and all the many millions I've missed out have to know about it. Spread the word as best we can.

-Increase awareness; fine art colonising performance covered but visa versa not taken seriously.
-E-mail reviews editor at Frieze/other contemporary magazines (please add...) and tell them what they should be covering (your own work/shows you've seen). Building links between contemporary art (visual) world and contemporary performance. 
-Create work and approach venture capitalists who aren't going to expect money back.
-Share ideas for production and distribution with film production companies. 
-Research experimental production companies who would support innovative Theatre. 

These ideas were considered as baby steps but the harder leap is the next step of actually making work happen. This discussion is still on-going if anyone has any ideas...