Accessing more audiences for unusual, exciting & challenging work

Bill Hamblett, 15 September 2012

Get your marketing people involved in the process of the theatre making.
If the the work is that challenging it's the avant garde so expect smaller audiences. How do we “sell” complicated?
Maybe get famous or celebrated actors involved to increse audiences.
There should be more arts and theatre coverage and programmes on TV ,Radio and print media s well as film.Radio 4 audiences were mentioned.
We match complexity of content with the variety of platforms for discussing and presenting work
We can site our work in places that relate to audiences or the content to engage more people
Some suggestion that you can disguise the work and slip it under the wire in a more conventional setting
Create a situation where more people are opend up to the creation of the work possibly open rehearsals and other ways you can think of.
Break down perceived walls and barriers


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