Catherine MacNeil, 8 September 2012

The question was Inclusivity and Diversity: How does it relate to us in our various locations.
Having asked the question on arriving late to the session I found some written comments on the subject. They generally related to Eden Court as a venue and were anecdodes of people who'd never been in the venue despite having taken other people to the venue.

Nick Sweeting's Pret a Manger survey was quoted “ People who feel excluded or feel sure that they will be unwelcome, or made to feel stupid”.
We discussed how the inclusion of statistics for attendance were often required by funding bodies and required venues to ask people questions such as “are you disabled?”, which some may not wish to answer and how ticking targetted diverse groups can impact on funding success but maybe colour your activity for all the wrong reasons.

I don't feel able to give any accurate report of all the conversation that took place within the session but I came away from it believing that total accessibility is the hope, via strong targetted marketing developed through honest conversation and dialogue.


Access, inclusivity, access, Diversity, diversity, disadvantaged, disability, minority