Access – How Do We Get Better?

Convener(s): Nick Sweeting

Participants: Various – please add name if you were there

Deepa Shastri, Nadine Ishani, Helen Pringle, Becci Haines ([email protected], 07732 818401) 

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

- Attitude is all important

- Be inclusive – include “targeted’ groups in planning

- Look at what’s been done before inc research

- ACE funded buildings have obligations

- Opportunity of 2012 Paralympics – inc people with other languages – or general Olympics too but with Access

- Keep customers in mind

- Who do we influence?

- Theatres only open access at specific times and with specific companies

- A long ‘nagging’ journey

- Colour schemes…..affect everyone

- Internet – feedback forums

- Accessible print – RNIB Website – guideline – good example = New Wolsey

- Print matching audience

- Inc Marketing department in access discussions

- Mktg to Deaf audiences – awareness of signing and captions

- Access for immersive performances/1 to 1 performances – include Deaf and disabled people in the rehearsal/development process

- Signing/description for impro shows


Not all the onus should be on Companies like Graeae and deafinitely Theatre –

non Deaf and disabled led companies need to get involved.

Nick and Improbable to enquire how to take things forward… 2012 team – Steve Mannix?