About 1000 people visit theatrebristol.net every day. Whoever comes are the right people. Where are the others?

Emily Williams, 30 June 2012

Session Convener; Seth Honnor

Who attended the session?

Allegra Glavin

Astrid Breel

Emily Williams

Monique Luckman

Sarah Kingswell

Carrie Rhys-Davies

Philip Perry

Lue Emmett

Where are all the people? The majority of people seem to be at Up to Nature (InBetween Time Festival)

Where is the representation from Bristol venues/organisations?

Where are the councillors?

Maybe actually Bristol is OK. Maybe because it is so used to having these conversations and leading/attending open spaces it is fed on a regular basis.

Perhaps having an open space habit has meant that it is possible for some many artists and organisations are up in a forest in Gloucestershire.

Is the time commitment a reason why people have been put off? Is 2 days too much? Is a weekend difficult?

Perhaps the fact that the event is free means that people are less committed.

COMPLACENCY? - if it is complacency might it be dangerous?

Maybe the structures in place in Bristol are good enough and relent enough to deal with the disgruntlement.

Does it matter that they are not here?

Why are we interested in identifying who's NOT here? There are folk here who aren't aware of any kind of ‘deficit.

Redefining the shape of Bristol's theatre community - why we feel there's a core and margins.

For those of us sitting in the conversation who weren't from Bristol, but places like Devon and Gloucestershire felt it necessary to write a ‘rural response to Bristol.

The possibility of the majority of individuals from Bristols community at a festival somewhere else, working and getting paid or seeing work. We are jealous. How do we get that reality?

The unity that has occurred through plurality is extraordinary. and it's probably born through a regular culture of openness.


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