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On the afternoon of Wednesday 28 April 2021, Improbable facilitated an online Open Space session in partnership with Battersea Arts Centre, Mothers Who Make and Parents in Performing Arts (PiPA). Following an invitation written by Mothers Who Make’s Matilda Leyser, a small but perfectly formed group of about 30 parents and carers gathered to discuss their experiences of working in the arts during the pandemic. 13 sessions were called by the participants that included honest discussions of the challenges and rewards of caring for others.

This report is made up of the notes taken by the participants during each session. The words have not been edited in any way.

Report Title

  1. What are you angry about?
  2. Lonely but bonded - collaborating ideas/sharing space/connection
  3. What are people’s experiences of digital theatre this past year? Pros cons? Hopes?!
  4. How to find time for creative projects when there appears to be none 
  5. Teens and mental health - a shared sympathy  
  6. Managing Multiple Challenges  
  7. Beryl's Rebellion - a rant about unachieved ideas  
  8. Artistic Autism. Being a parent of an Autistic Child in the Arts  
  9. Parenting and making work (and staying sane and solvent) 
  10. How to work collectively, collaboratively and share best practice?  
  11. Becoming a parent in a pandemic – experiences  
  12. Single parent with a disabled child - childcare, time, creative and opportunities  
  13. Exhausted, how to re-find a passion from that