A Network for Scratch Performances?

Bill Bankes-Jones, 28 January 2013

This was a fast-moving session leaping into action stemming from the following reaction to various sessions over the last few days.

Starting points
- Feedback from scratches is much more useful if the audience is broadened
- Someone who identified herself as an audience member said she loves scratches, doesn't get to hear of them as much as she would like

Proposed action:
Form a network to link scratch nights and promote them to a wider public

- It's easier to get one email listing many events than a single email for each event
- it would be a lovely idea to have a subscription service, where a small subscription would allow unlimited entry to participating scratch nights through the year.
-Email list or website? Twitter? Tumblr? Facebook page?

- Bill has emailed Sophie at
offwestend.com to see if an email list could easily be piggy-backed onto her existing operation
- Lie has set up a facebook page with Bill and Hannah called Scratch Listing which may become the network we want.

- Steven is offering space for pre-scratch nights, called “Itch nights.” Contact him directly at [email protected]

Bish bash bosh.

Participants (some of whom passed through very briefly):
Richard Jaques, Tom Spencer, Lie Chen, Niki Karali, Hanna Pearce


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Comments: 2

Ellie Robinson, 29 January 2013

Hey guys,

You might find Battersea Arts Centre's Scratchr platform useful. Lots of artists there using it as a way to have discussions when formulating ideas.


It works like a forum, running of basic wordpress template. It's still a scratch itself, but might be good to find other people interested.

Ellie x

Bill Bankes-Jones, 30 January 2013

That's really helpful, thanks.

The idea here more than anything is to get a pan-london audience development network going for scratch performances. I'll post about that on the BAC site you suggest