A Mentoring Scheme for Deaf and Disabled Producers

Convener(s): Nick Sweeting

Participants: Various 

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

We talked about what worked and what didn’t within existing mentoring and mentoring schemes.

Towards the end of the conversation we concluded that we would aim for a

Bursary scheme rather than a Mentoring scheme as the feeling was that there weren’t enough existing Deaf and Disabled Producers for a Mentoring scheme to have a significant impact.  We felt that what was needed was the creation of one or two positions which would aim to have a significant breakthrough impact – creating real positions and real projects for Producers.

The post(s) should include:

  • Paid project experience
  • Mentoring – by an individual outwith of where the paid work is and linked to wider support from the mentor company
  • Possible Action Learning support

We also determined to lobby ACE to make significant contact with colleges who run courses in Theatre Arts, Education and Deaf Studies – Reading, Bristol and Wolverhampton.  This would be to raise the level of awareness of careers in theatre administration amongst the Deaf community.