Bethany Wells, 26 January 2014

A Manifesto for Designing from Ecological Principles

This will be an incomplete summary as my full notes are at home, but I wanted to get

something into the printout for anyone who is interested in following this train of

thought. We are working to pull together ideas for a ‘stamp’ or kitemark of aspiration,

intention, to create design practices from ecological principles. Please follow our

hashtag #ecostage to learn more as we work on this.

Working on:

- a blog

- Hashtag: #ecostage

- Launch event

- Logo / branding


- magnify / celebrate best practice + small successes across disciplines, but focussing

on design practice

- develop a set of principles and aims for ecological design that can be signed up to

- create a stamp for artists to publicly indicate their committment and aspiration to this



- balancing the medium + the message

- communication with audiences

- communication with venues

- hidden vs overt ecological design/aesthetic

- pre show conversations to have with venues / production managers

- post show collection/recycling/links to communities to reclaim/re-use materials

- none of us are carbon neutral. What do we then choose touse energy/materials for?

- there were more…


Society of British Theatre Designers

Association of Lighting Designers

Julie's Bicycle

Many thanks for your contributions and hope to work with you in the future. Bethany

Wells + Alice Hoult


ecology, green, design, Sustainability, Community, community, energy, theatre design,

sustainability, design practice

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Hugh Chapman, 27 January 2014

sounds like permaculture design is something you might be into..?

Bethany Wells, 27 January 2014

Thanks Hugh. Yes, permaculture design is something I've been looking at on the periphery for a while now, but haven't

consciously brought the principles into my performance design. We'll definitely add it to our research list. I know Tanja

Beer + Dan Barnard and Rachel Briscoe have been looking at whole system design through their work. Bethany